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Friday, May 05, 2006

63-year-old to become Britain's oldest mother

So, when the child is going through the trauma of being a teenager, first loves, sex, self-concious image, maybe questions about sexuality, its mother will be in her mid-to-late 70s, assuming she's still alive. When the child is stressing through A levels, its mum will be 79. When the child graduates, she'll be 85.

I'm glad that Patricia Rashbrook isahppy to be pregnant, but it's a shame her selfishness is most likely going to put her newest child through unneccesary emotional pain for totally selfish reasons. It's not like this would have been her only child. This just smacks to me of a selfish woman (well couple) who can't re-adjust to not being so needed by her children anymore, and has decided to have another to self-validate. I pity the child.

63-year-old to become Britain's oldest mother

Society: Child psychiatrist set to become Britain's oldest mother says she is very happy to be pregnant.


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